Why the Change? We are so glad you asked!
Read below for exciting news and details!

We have MORE EXCITING NEWS in YLA land – YLA/SNDP is moving into a new and challenging chapter of is leadership and responsibilities, while helping teens be the best that they can be! We too, are growing through the Challenge!

Most recently, Devil Pups Inc. announced that the 2021 Devil Pups Encampment is going to happen this year! We were all so relieved for the kids in our community and across the Western Region! Teens from California, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada are recruited and tested to be selected to attend this historical leadership development program.
Tom Selleck and our very own, Arnold Stalk from Share Village was a Devil Pup!

Understand the lengths that we all went to make this happen. Devil Pups has existed since 1954.  Devil Pups was the only NFE (non-federal entity) that is being allowed on Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton. And YLA/SNDP has been asked to attend for the entire encampment! The Encampment Commander called – and of course, we said YES without hesitation!  

We have always said… do not ask someone to do something you are not willing to do yourself!
Therefore, YLA/SNDP will be moving its entire team to Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton to help run Administration for the month of July!

We will be bringing our ENTIRE Admin Team, Instructors and Eagle Team for the entire Devil Pups Encampment. We will be sleeping in the barracks and eating in the mess hall with the Marines and Devil Pups, wish us luck!!

Please know, it is a tremendous HONOR to have been hand selected out of the 88 areas to assist the Devil Pups encampment team for the month of July.

In order to allow for ALL SUPPORTERS and Staff to be in attendance for America the Beautiful, we decided to move the date which will allow us to give it the attention it deserves!
Our first priority is and will always be to Build America’s Youth …
One Teenager at a Time and Growth through Challenge!

We thank you for your understanding while we celebrate this
massive achievement!

Wish us luck- DPNQ!


Click the button below to download the America the Beautiful event booklet – which includes all information, details, and fillable forms for this incredible event!

f you have been one of our longtime supporters, you should take pride in knowing that this achievement belongs to all of us! We did this together as a team. A SOUTHERN NEVEDA DEVIL PUP TEAM! 

If you would like to sponsor one of these “historical moment Pups,” please do so by clicking the button below to donate $500.00 to help SNDP send our group!

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