YLA Leadership Training Cycle

We have a total of 8 teen leadership programs. These 8 Teen Leadership Programs are the “path to Leadership” to secure a teens future and build family structure- Esprit De Corps!

YLA 12-Week Physical Training Leadership Program/SNDP

“Promotes a healthy lifestyle filled with morals, values, respect, integrity and motivation”

Community Service Program

“Promotes the importance of giving, earning and “paying it forward” to the community that gives to them”

Dale Carnegie Teen Leadership Program

*** 3 levels to achieve.
– Promotes “Soft skills training to become a more confident and successful both personally and professionally”

Devil Pups 10 Day Encampment

*Must qualify through our 12 week pre-program.
-Held at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. This 10 day very physical leadership encampment promotes A Never Give Up Attitude DPNQ, built on the 14 Leadership Traits of the Marine Corps – JJDIDTIEBUCKLE!

YLA/SNDP Eagle Program

*Must be a graduate of above programs.
– Promotes next level leadership training. Students will go through the above training programs for the 2nd times, in an elevated rank, helping the “new applicants” accomplish their goals and graduate.

Mentor Program – Lift One Up (spiritual/personal) and Career Mentors (Community Leaders)

*Must be a graduate of above programs for career choice mentor program.
– Promotes next level training. Graduate/Mentee will be mentored by a YLA Board member or community leader (vetted and approved by panel) to teach mentee about selected career choice.

YLA Intern Program

* Must successfully graduate the above programs.
– Promotes next level training and promotion into a selected career of graduates choice”

Upcoming Events

The Conversation 
A facilitated discussion with community leaders, parents, and teens, where teens can share freely their feelings, obstacles, solutions, and goals amidst COVID-19.

October 17th, 2020 (All spots sold out for Aug & Sept; don’t wait to register.)
$50 admin fee
Ages 11- 18

The Constitutional Class 
Come learn the facts about our Constitution and the freedoms governed by it during this 3-hour class facilitated by a couple of Constitutional Lawyer and YLA Board Members/Marines

September 26th, 2020
$75.00 program fee
Ages 11-21

The Retreat
2-Day Leadership Class with Physical, Professional, Personal, and Spiritual Development 
October 24th and 25th, 8 am-4 pm
16 hours of training
$250.00 program fee
$35 uniform fee
Ages 11-17

The Challenge  
An intense 8-day physical and career choice leadership program; Facilitated by Marines, Police Officers, Fireman, Spiritual and professional leaders. Attendees will participate in career choice workshops and professional development training with Dale Carnegie! We will end with A Walk for America! 

8 Consecutive Saturdays, beginning  ( tentatively- January 23rd, 2021)
8 hours each day
64 hours of leadership development training

$1000.00 Program Fee **
$35.00 Uniform Fee
Ages 11- 17

*Currently there are a few Partial Scholarships available for participants. 
**Financial assistance applications must be approved by the YLA Staff/BOD.

Coming Spring 2021 the kick-off to our signature program:
The Southern Nevada Devil Pups Season.

This is a 12-week physical and community service training program known as Southern Nevada Devil Pups.
for youth ages 12- 17. Some participants will qualify and end with 10 days at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton; known as the Devil Pups Encampment. Our goal is to send 50 teens in 2021!

A Safe Place To Land
When the world slowed down

and created

“A Safe Place To Land”
Fall/Winter Series

YLA’s A Safe Place to Land is a 4-part series of classes/programs with

“whole person” approach that delivers

impactful,  physical, personal, professional, and spiritual training from a

five-star leadership development team of community leaders.

YLA has also been busy in the realm of “community partnerships”

with many generous businesses and community leaders;

such as Dr. Carrie Buck, Dale Carnegie of Nevada,

Lift One Up with Pastor Aquila Hicks,

Sgt. Bricen Hooker USMC and Bruno Moya!

We call them  #STARFISH in YLA Land!


Gene Hass Foundation

or donating not ONCE but TWICE;

thus ensuring YLA could, and IS,

delivering the fall/winter series to the

youth in our community!

We appreciate YOU SO MUCH- Thank you!!

 And… if that was not enough,

 YLA has been granted usage of a 25,000 Square foot GYM for our young ones to strengthen their body and minds 

during the upcoming retreat and future YLA/SNDP Programs!


Our hats are off to you

Movement Fitness and The Parent Team for providing our kids A Safe Place to Land!

The word out is that they are even creating:



For 17 years, Youth Leadership Authority has had a positive impact on Southern Nevada youth.  82% of our program graduates go on to college and 42% move into careers in the military, fire, police, or first responders.

We need your help to make a difference for our local youth!

First, spread the word! Forward this email, now, to 5 families you know who are committed to a bright future for their teens!

Second, Invest in a future for just 66 cents a day = $20 a month. Click here to make a difference.

Finally, sponsor a teen for A Safe Place To Land series. Your $1,375 donation will provide a teen with over 85 hours of personal growth and leadership development. YOU can make a difference in the life of teens at a time when they need us most.

Or you can sponsor a child for one of the 2020 programs
Prices listed below.
Learn more here.

Our Mission: Inspiring Focused - Driven - Leaders

To provide a HUB of building-block opportunities for today’s youth, their families, and educators; by offering a variety of physical training programs, life- application tools, and community service programs that will develop America’s leaders with character and integrity to secure their future.

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YLA Covid-19 Update for 2020

Due to the Governors directive, in the state of Nevada, YLA and SNDP full summer season and programs have been cancelled.

This includes:

Southern Nevada Devil Pups
Devil Pups 10 Day Encampment
12 Week Leadership program
Community Service Program
Mentor Program
Eagle Program
Dale Carnegie Teen Program

We look forward to being able to bring you our regularly scheduled summer season programs in 2021!

The exciting news is:

In an effort to follow the Governor restrictions and directives, we have begun a new fall series called :

A Safe Place to Land, The Retreat insert Flyer

YLA will be adhering to all the Nevada mandates regarding Covid-19.

We do temperature checks and sanitizing stations upon entrance and require masks as well as social distancing for all attendees and staff.

Please see program details for information!