Our Programs

*All program fees can be paid by program sponsors by filling out a financial assistance application. All students are responsible to pay the application and uniform fee.

Our Path to Leadership


A Safe Place To Land Series

This series has 4 individual programs (The Conversation, The Constitution, The Retreat, The Challenge) that provide teens a Safe Place to Land in a whole person approach!

Devil Pups 10 Day Leadership Encampment

Southern Nevada Devil Pups (SNDP) Series

All YLA’s programs encourage a strong work ethic and moral substance. We teach, build, and transform teens into leaders. How?  I am so glad you asked! YLA Students will receive life-application tools through guidance, mentoring, daily application of leadership knowledge, financial literacy, peer to peer support and encouragement from instructors on a continuous basis.

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Bachelors/Master’s Level Programs

*Must be a graduate of above programs.

After achieving a “graduate status” in the above programs, students will continue to participate in above programs in an elevated rank and role, displaying espirit’ de corps in a brotherhood style environment, as well as have to opportunity to be mentored and take high level mastery classes Professional Development such as: Dale Carnegie of Nevada.

Your Gift Will Help Build America’s Future Leaders.

Make a Difference in the Life of a Southern Nevada Teen!
You can make a difference in a Teens Life today.
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