Bachelors/Master’s Level Programs

(Program Fee: $4,400.00)

Mentor/Internship Opportunities

(Program Fee: $500.00)

After achieving a “graduate status” in the prerequisite programs, students will continue to participate in above programs in an elevated rank and role, displaying espirit’ de corps in a brotherhood style environment, as well as have to opportunity to be mentored and take high level mastery classes Professional Development such as: Dale Carnegie of Nevada. Therefore, becoming phenomenal mentors to new and upcoming YLA applicants. This path to leadership will result in the student achieving their Associates, Bachelors or Masters in Youth Leadership over a two to four-year path. Our goal is LEADERSHIP!

Upon successful completion of the above programs, YLA graduates have to opportunity to be mentored with a YLA Board Member or Community Leader for a 6-month period and/or be placed in a business as an intern with a local community partner each quarter.

*Prerequisite applies

YLA - Mentor/Internship Opportunities
Lift One Up logo

Lift One Up Spiritual Development with Pastor Equilla Hicks

(Program Fee: $375.00)

Pastor Equilla is compelled by her Christian faith to make a positive and long-lasting influence in the lives of others.  She is the Founder and President of Lift One Up, a non-profit organization making an impact in our community through mentoring, coaching, and local partnerships.  

Authentic is a word that can best be used to describe her whether within a personal conversation or on a platform, she shares wisdom and life experiences with humor and candor. 

In this spirit filled collaboration with YLA, Pastor Equilla serves in a variety of forms: 

  1. A YLA Board Member
  2. A facilitator and 
  3. As spiritual mentor in a continuing educational piece for teens and their families.

During the Retreat Equilla teaching are based on: What is influencing your way of thinking, behaving, and believing?  How we see things matters, whether it is our past, present or future – your perspective matters.  Your perspective is shaping your reality today.  Let us make sure we have the right one!

*Prerequisite applies

Dale Carnegie of Nevada - Teen Leadership Program

(Program Fee: $500.00)

Dale Carnegie Training for Young Adults- Full 12 Week Program is designed to prepare young people for the real world. It gives them the skills they need to reach their goals and live up to their full potential – at school, home, and work.  College credits available.

For more information about Dale Carnegie and the program, you may visit

*Prerequisite applies

A picture of a Youth Leadership Authority program
Youth Leadership Authority - SNDP Eagle Program

YLA/SNDP Eagle Program

(Program Fee: $800.00)

Promotes next level leadership training. Students will go through the above training programs for the 2nd times, in an elevated rank, helping the “new applicants” accomplish their goals and graduate.

*Prerequisite Applies

YLA Intern Program

(Program Fee: $500.00)

Promotes next level training and promotion into a selected career of graduates choice.

*Prerequisite applies

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