Meet Our Newly Elected Vice President, Scott Vivier

Meet Our Newly Elected Vice President, Scott Vivier

Scott has been with YLA for one year and he is an outstanding example of leadership for our students! 

For the past 26 years, I have had the privilege to serve as an emergency responder in Las Vegas and Henderson. Through my work as a paramedic and member of the Henderson Fire Department, I have come to understand that all emergency response organizations exist for one simple reason–because people matter. Otherwise, there would be no emergency response organizations and people would be on their own. The existence of public service organizations is based on the universal belief that human beings have inherent value. That is why people throughout this community, state, and nation are willing to pool their resources together to ensure somebody will show up when tragedy strikes their home or family. I now understand that emergency service professionals are given the honor to protect the most important things in the lives of people–the relationships between those who love and care for each other. We stand guard to ensure people have another day together. At the Henderson Fire Department, “People Matter” is not a hyperbole; it’s at the center of this profession, and I believe it is what drives our successes and failures as a society. This is why I choose to be a part of the Youth Leadership Authority (YLA). YLA also believes that “People Matter”; that our youth deserve to be given the skills and tools needed to become the future leaders of our communities, so that they too can serve others. As I come to the final chapters of my career, the thought of what happens next, and how I can continue to contribute to society in a meaningful way, are questions that both excite and frighten me simultaneously, but I know that my involvement with YLA will allow me to continue to live my “why.” I believe that people matter and that YLA is an organization that lives out this value in their actions. This is why I am involved with YLA

Scott Vivier 
Deputy Fire Chief–Support 
City of Henderson Fire Department

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