Youth Leadership Authority is Building America’s Youth… One Teenager at a Time!!!

YLA Master Grad level - Zachary Johnston

Youth Leadership Authority IS Building America’s Youth… One Teenager at a Time!!!

This is the WHY…

We are very proud of YLA Master Grad level, Zachary Johnston!!The pics and details below tell a story of his path to phenomenal leadership! He overcame personal, mental challenges and physical challenges that we admire and desire for all of our students. He is an example of what it means to be EXCELLENT leader! He took control of his life and his destiny, one program and step at a time!

From Rapport’s Teen Leadership Breakthrough in April 2016…


To the bus ride to Camp Pendleton for the 2016 Devil Pups encampment….


To the 3600 ft climb to the top of Ole’ Smokey…He was forever changed! He overcame enormous personal challenges and found his way….


To Devil Pups Graduation, Parade Deck SOI, where Johnston received the Most HONORABLE PERFORMANCE award at the Devil Pups encampment of 300 pups…Wow!


To Devil Pups Encampment Eagle and 2018 and 2019 SNDP HEAD Eagle….Not an easy task!


To now…… The swearing in to be a US Army Calvary Scout w/ Airborne option! Absolutely incredible journey to watch you soar!

THIS is what the YLA student path, of our specialized continuous youth leadership programs, coupled with great proactive parenting does for teens!

Outstanding job Eagle Zachary Johnston, we are all so proud of all of your accomplishments!

His father, a man of honor himself, Jeff Johnston is a LVMPD Officer who demonstrates “role model qualities” for his kids…. He served as Southern Nevada Devil Pups/YLA Volunteer for years, and is a Rapport Graduate too. His efforts and self- example, along with our programs landed him to be a parent to 3 kids, now serving the United States of America! Way to go dad!

Eagle Johnston, we know you will continue to BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THIS WORLD and PAY IT FORWARD!

#HRPKH = Honesty, Respect, Peace, Kindness, Humanity

Way to DPNQ and JFDI young man, you are the example!

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