YLA – MOVING FORWARD – A Call to Action!

Youth Leadership Authority- A Safe Place to Land

A Safe Place to Land

When the world slowed down…
and created

“A Safe Place To Land”
Fall/Winter Series

YLA’s A Safe Place to Land, is a 4-part series of classes/programs with
a “whole person” approach that delivers
impactful, physical, personal, professional, and spiritual training from a
five-star leadership development team of community leaders.

YLA has also been busy in the realm of “community partnerships”
with many generous businesses and community leaders;
such as: Dr. Carrie Buck, Dale Carnegie of Nevada ,
Lift One Up with Pastor Equilla Hicks,
Sgt. Bricen Hooker USMC and Bruno Moya!
We call them #STARFISH in YLA Land!


Gene Hass Foundation

for donating not ONCE but TWICE;
thus ensuring YLA could, and IS,
delivering the fall/winter series to the
youth in our community!

We appreciate YOU SO MUCH- Thank you!!

And… if that was not enough, YLA has been
granted usage of a 25,000 Square foot GYM
for our young ones to strengthen their body and minds
during The upcoming Retreat and
future YLA/SNDP Programs!

Our hats are off to you
Movement Fitness
The Parent Team

for providing our kids
A Safe Place to Land!

The word out is that they are even creating:


Blog image 4


For 17 years, Youth Leadership Authority has had a positive impact on Southern Nevada youth.  82% of our program graduates go on to college and 42% move into careers in the military, fire, police or first responders.  

We need your help to make a difference for our local youth!

First, spread the word! Share this post, now, to 5 families you know  who are committed to a bright future for their teens!

Second, Invest in a future for just 66 cents a day = $20 a month. Click here to make a difference.

Finally, sponsor a teen for A Safe Place To Land series. Your $1,375 donation will provide a teen with over 85 hours of personal growth and leadership development. YOU can make a difference in the life of teen at a time when they need us most.
Or you can sponsor a child for one the 2020 programs.

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