YLA hosted its annual Retreat Weekend from the A Safe Place to Land Series!

YLA hosted its annual Retreat Weekend

YLA hosted its annual Retreat Weekend from the Safe Place to Land Series with great success! This 2-day, 16-hour leadership training could not have happened without the dedication of our Community Partners & Facilitators: 

  • US Marine Corps   
    • Marine Physical Training 
    • Marine Motto Speech
    • Marine Career Development   
  • Henderson Fire Department 
    • Physical Training
    • Leadership Development Talk
    • Fire Career Development   
  • The Henderson Police Department
    • Guidance on overcoming obstacles and challenges
    • Police Career Development  
  • YLA: The Constitution Class 
    • Introduction to the US Constitution
    • Introduction to the US Bill of Rights  
  • YLA: Personal Development  
  • Lift One Up: Spiritual Development
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  • Students completed physical training by the US Marine Corps recruiting station and The Henderson Fire Department.  
  • They received 4 leadership and career devoted talks by GySgt Hinton, SSgt Hooker, and Deputy Chief Scott Vivier.  
  • They heard an inspiring joint-speech by Deputy Chief Mike Denning and Captain Kirk Moore of the Henderson Police Department.  
  • They learned all about The US Constitution and Bill of Rights, taught by Sam Miklosko, Deputy Chief Scott Vivier, and assisted by Coby Sherlock. 
  • They received instruction on personal development with YLA’s Personal Development Coach, Joan Gamble.
  • They received encouragement on Spiritual Development with Lift One Up, Pastor Equilla Hicks, and an alter call by Mark Schick  
  • The 21 participants completed the entire weekend and received completion certificates, but some earned special recognition:
    • Jesus Romero – Recipient of the Constitution Class “Most Motivated” award
    • Masjon Hinkle – HFD Leadership award with a $150 scholarship 
    • Roman Carter – YLA Starfish award with a $200 scholarship 
    • Antonio Huesca – All-Around Excellence award, Whole Person Approach (Personal, Professional, Physical, and Spiritual) 
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We thank those who made this weekend a big success!

Special thanks to the US Marine Corps recruiting stations (GySgt Hinton & SSgt Hooker); Henderson Fire Department (Deputy Chief Scott Vivier); Henderson Police Department (Deputy Chief Mike Denning and Captain Kirk Moore); Lift One Up (Pastor Equilla Hicks); and other valued contributors (Mark Schick, Sam Miklosko, Coby Sherlock, Joan Gamble, and Marie Tomao).

A HUGE Shout-Out to our Program Sponsors: 

  • AC Pro, the Quinn Family 
  • Gene Haas Foundation 
  • Dr. Chris Costa, Platinum Plastic Surgery 
  • Master Mechanical

Last, but not least, we thank our giving and supportive green shirt volunteers, admin staff, and our board of directors for putting this all together! 

Thank you to Dilly’s Catering for providing nourishment for our bodies! 

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