YLA Annual Fundraiser, America the Beautiful 2022

annual Fundraiser

Thank you!

PA graduation

First and foremost, a HUGE thank you to Hash House a Go Go owners Mr. and Mrs. Nyberg, Underhill and Rees and Louise and her team for their hard work!

The YLA/SNDP Graduates all beamed with pride and confidence for what they achieved receiving the 1st ever YLA Associate, Bachelor’s, and Master’s certificates in Youth Leadership. The graduates also earned Devil Pups certificates and ribbons for their achievements in the Devil Pups program and many other programs over the past few years! We are so proud of all of you.

Our hearts are full of gratitude, and we are immensely humbled by the show of support, generosity, and genuine love at our YLA Annual Fundraiser, America the Beautiful 2022. We are awaiting final numbers, but it is looks as if we raised over $60,000 after costs! 

PA graduation

Our YLA board deserves so much credit for the success of the event and our success in general. Deputy Chief Scott Vivier was a phenomenal MC with the assistance of Mark Schick, Tina Schick, Coby Sherlock, Svetlana Carter, SSgt Bricen Hooker, Sam Miklosko, Equilla Hicks, Joan … and of course the ultimate STARFISH SAVER, Colonel Ray Blum! You have all given this organization so much.

Our immense gratitude goes out to all of our guests, supporters, and sponsors without whom we would not exist! To Mayor Debra March, Richard Derrick, and Bettyann Derrick, we love you. Thank you for always being there and supporting us! 

PA graduation
PA graduation

Mayor Elect Michelle Romero, we adore you! We appreciate you showing up and we hope you enjoy being Starfished!

The Gene Haas Foundation presented us with a check for $25,000! They have been consistent in helping us in our mission to our community’s youth. WOW! Thank you Katrina Veronica and Joanne Haas! We are so grateful!

To AC Pro, Mr. and Mrs. Dion Quinn, the Lord and relationships brought us together. And with that, we are a “TEAM” that no one or nothing can beat. We are, and will always be, “humbled and grateful” for your generosity and commitment to our mission. 

Mark and Tina Schick at Master Mechanical, the Lord brought us together to move mountains! And we are. From the most beautiful decorations to the tireless work and financial generosity, WOW! We at YLA are so grateful to have you as supporters and family. 

Thank you to our historical sponsors: Henderson Fire Department; City of Henderson Government; Henderson Police Department; Kelly Anaya Green; Henderson Chamber of Commerce Foundation; Marine Corps League – Henderson near Las Vegas, Nevada; Marine Corps League Greater NV Detachment 186; John Million Turco; Judge Mark Stevens; Torey Dawn Hodges; Councilwoman Victoria Seaman; and David McGowan. We would not be here without you for the past 18 years! 

Our generous Table and Auction sponsors: So many…..(forgive us if we forget anyone). Dr. Chris Costa , Julia Oberweis, Trish Berggren Nash, Stan Hicks, Mark and Tina Schick, Mikel Conrad (photography), and Mike Pacini on the MUSIC for being rockstars and Master Guns Webster who organized the fabulous, NJROTC COLOR GUARD! 

PA graduation

To all of the parents, attendees, and the America The Beautiful committee Jane Sherlock, Ali Brady Nilson, Sheree Cain- Jones Blossom and Fank Tavares, Hunter Hay VI, Todd Swanson, Rachel Villafuerte, and Ligaya Lee – thank you for caring about your kids and the youth in our community! For after all, they WILL be taking care of us one day! We better leave this place better than we found it! 

A huge shout out to Success City Online for managing our Business Social Media account! 

PA graduation

Thank you, everyone. We are humbled and grateful to be the recipient of such goodness and love! God Bless you all! 


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