What an Incredible Summer It Has Been!

YLA summer

What an incredible summer it has been – a summer that will surely go down in history as one filled with moments that swell our hearts with pride and honor. As we reflect upon the past few months, it’s impossible not to be overwhelmed with gratitude for the milestones we’ve achieved together.

In celebrating our remarkable 20th season with the Southern Nevada Devil Pups, we’ve etched a legacy of dedication and perseverance. Alongside this milestone, we warmly welcomed Gerald Mayes as a new board member and witnessed the beautiful union of Marie Tomao and Sam Miklosko. In addition, A round of applause is for Staff Sergeant Hooker, who, with a resounding “Semper Fi!” ascended to the rank of Gunnery Sergeant – a well-deserved achievement.

Yet, beyond these significant changes, the true heart of our joy lies in the extraordinary young individuals who graced us with their presence this summer. To all the kids who wholeheartedly embraced the challenges and poured their sweat and determination into each Saturday morning session – we are profoundly proud of you. The path you chose was not easy, and we recognize the sacrifices you made to be here.

Understanding the sheer commitment it takes to show up week after week is crucial, especially during a scorching summer. The relentless hours of physical exertion, the molding under the watchful eyes of the Marines, and even the occasional spirited “Yell” from Gunnery Sergeant Hooker are experiences that have sculpted each pup into resilient, exceptional individuals.

Let’s pause to appreciate the shining moments that defined this summer.

Aaron Ballard

Aaron Ballard’s achievements stand as a testament to dedication personified. With a heart full of pride, we applaud Aaron for earning the titles of Company Honor Pup Runner Up (accompanied by a $750 cash prize), Platoon Honor Pup (with a $250 cash prize), and a Perfect Score of 400 on his PFT.

Cezar Alvarez

Cezar Alvarez, too, shines brightly in our memory, having earned a Perfect Score of 400 on his PFT.

Marine guidance

The relentless ten weeks of physical trials, the forging of character under Marine guidance, and the determination everyone exhibited in the face of the hottest Valley summer is one that should make each Devil Pup swell with pride.

As the summer draws to a close, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming celebration that will honor each Devil Pup for its unwavering commitment. To the parents, your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed. You’ve nurtured and supported your children, enabling them to cultivate leadership qualities that will set them apart in the most remarkable ways.

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