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What a great weekend filled with motivation, encouragement, and Self-Care! Take a look below to see highlights from our 2nd PFT and Self-Care Class!

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This weekend our Pups completed their 2nd PFT, all increasing their scores from their first PFT! The PFT is a crucial part of earning a seat on the bus to Camp Pendleton, their final PFT will be coming up on June 26th! 

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A HUGE shout-out to The Henderson Fire Department and the VP of YLA, Dept. Chief  Vivier for allowing YLA/SNDP to use their awesome facility and for spraying the Pups down with the fire hose! It was so inspiring to be surrounded by the finest Firemen in Henderson!

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Congratulations to Isaiah Sanchez (males) and Leslie Ortega (females) for having the highest PFT score, Nisa Endsley for earning the guidon as Most Motivated Pup, and Jesus Romero for running right out of his shoe (literally)!

Keep up the hard work, Pups!

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In between the PFT and Self-Care Class, we had EXCELLENT HOMEMADE burritos from Dilly’s Catering! Thank Dillon Price!

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The Self-Care Class (Alpha Series) was informative, inspiring, motivating and moving! Our Instructors Luis Martinez and Scott Vivier taught how to truly CARE FOR YOURSELF!

We believe this should be taught in schools. It provides teens with invaluable life and stressor skills!

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Thank you to our amazing HEAD EAGLE Felicia Ricafort who led her team of Eagles with strong structure and excellence!

And we can’t do it without our volunteer team, Carole Hanley, Anna Copeland, Kathy Chavez, and Glen & Stacey Miller!

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