Ways You Can Help

We have 2 ways to help the teens in our program without doing anything except shopping!


Hey Youth Leadership Authority (YLA) – I.e. Rapport and Southern Nevada Devil Pups SNDP supporters. Youth Leadership Authority (YLA) is now a proud member of the Amazon Smile Program through Amazon!!!

What does this mean? How can you help? When you shop at smile.amazon.com using this link https://smile.amazon.com/chZ81 -2005897 a portion of your sales order will come back to help America’s youth at YLA!

Please use this link https://smile.amazon.com/ch/81-2005897 and when a window pops up and asks” do you want to support Youth Leadership Authority? ” Click “yes” and that it, shop away!

Smith’s Inspiring Donation

Youth Leadership Authority is now enrolled in the “Smiths Inspiring Donations” Rewards program!!! YLA is asking everyone who shops at Smith’s Food and Drug Stores to enroll their  rewards card under our 501c(3).

From then on, EVERY TIME you shop at Smiths and use your rewards number, 5% of your Savings will be donated to Youth Leadership Authority!! Share with your family and friends!!

Please Marie if you need any help!

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