The 1st YLA/SNDP PFT Was a Success!


Check out highlights and pictures below! 

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On Saturday, May 15th, YLA hosted the 1st YLA/SNDP PFT for the 8-Week Physical Training Leadership Program! 

All of our students did an excellent job pushing themselves to be the best that they can be! Through the yelling, running, and challenges, they still persevered! This is just the beginning of their journey to becoming a leader in YLA and Devil Pups. 

The 1st YLA SNDP PFT 1
The 1st YLA SNDP PFT 2
The 1st YLA SNDP PFT 3
The 1st YLA SNDP PFT 4
The 1st YLA SNDP PFT 5

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Congratulations to the MOST MOTIVATED, Roman Carter, who took home the coveted Southern Nevada Devil Pups Guidon! Keep it up young man! Rah!

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Thank you to our amazing PT Instructor Team, Dr. Sgt. Hernandez & Cpl. Martinez for igniting a fire of
INSPRIATION and MOTIVATION for our students! 

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Thank you to our stellar Eagles! Keep SOARING and MENTORING our students to be motivated leaders! 

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Hats off to our AMAZING Volunteer Team! Thank you for all that you do to help build the future leaders of America! 

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If you are interested in your son or daughter learning some amazing leadership qualities, while getting in the best shape of their lives, email to OR call 702-285-4142 to get plugged in!

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