Program Recap: YLA/SNDP 4th PT of the Season!

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YLA/SNDP Physical Training Leadership Program

The 4th PT of the season!

Check out highlights and photos below!

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This week our Pups endured very warm morning of Physical Training and Leadership Development! They are getting stronger and stronger, both physically and mentally. 

This weekend, the Pups learned about “decisiveness and Initiative” while getting in tip top shape with our Marine Instructors!
They will be applying these newly learned leadership traits into their daily lives and report on it next week!  

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Congratulations to Pup Jessica Lozano for earning the Guidon for being the MOST MOTIVATED Pup! Rah! 

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We are all SO EXCITED to have Jeckson Lemus (ROCKSTAR) back with us! This will be his 3rd year, we know this year he will make it  ALL THE WAY to Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton!

Check out more pictures below!

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The Instructors and Eagle team did an OUTSTANDING JOB
leading their Pups!
Thank you Instructor Martinez, Instructor Kallus, and Instructor Yuen!

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A big shout out to our Volunteer Team for always supporting
and keeping us organized!


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