Community Service Program

Community Service to our Veterans and Homeless Teenage Population

(Program Fee: $500)
12-week with Community Service added

All YLA participants must achieve 24 hours of community service to “pay it forward” to the community that so graciously provides them this opportunity. This teaching promotes kindness and earning what you receive. For the past 17 years, YLA has been solely responsible for the placement and retrieval of over 27,000 flags at veterans’ gravesides at Veterans Memorial cemetery in Boulder City. We have completed over 26,000 hours of community service work for the state of Nevada, Governor, veterans’ services, city departments and the Clark County School Districts and Law Enforcements agencies throughout the valley.
Community Service

We also host quarterly “Impact Gives”. In this effort we provide, toiletries, water, food, clothing, and hot meals to Street Teens – for Homeless Teenagers and to Veterans Village for veterans. Most recently we began to supply basic needed items to homeless at the Care Complex – providing blankets and toiletries to homeless population. These items were collected throughout our YLA leadership programs to instill morals, values, and kindness that we refer to as HRPKH = Honesty, Respect, Peace, Kindness and Humility.

Upon completion of the above YLA 12-week program, students who qualify will earn the honor to attend a 10-day leadership encampment at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base called the Devil Pups Encampment.

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