All YLA’s programs encourage a strong work ethic and moral substance. We teach, build, and transform teens into leaders. How?  I am so glad you asked! YLA Students will receive life-application tools through guidance, mentoring, daily application of leadership knowledge, financial literacy, peer to peer support and encouragement from instructors on a continuous basis. This consistent leadership development training and community service path, keep’s kids engaged in youth leadership throughout their high school careers, and after.

YLA - Physical Training Leadership Program

YLA's 10-Week Physical Training Leadership Program

(Program Fee: $800.00)

During this program, students will attend two meetings per week with our YLA Marine Instructor. It promotes a healthy lifestyle filled with morals, values, respect, integrity and motivation.

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Community Service Program

(Program Fee: $500.00)

All YLA participants must achieve 24 hours of community service to “pay it forward” to the community that so graciously provides them this opportunity. This teaching promotes kindness and earning what you receive.


Devil Pups 10 Day Leadership Encampment

(Program Fee: $900.00)

*Must qualify through our 12 week pre-program.

This 10 day action packed physical leadership encampment promotes A Never Give Up Attitude !    DPNQ= Devil Pups Never Quit!

It began in 1954 with a motto of Growth through Challenge approach!

Youth Leadership Authority - SNDP Eagle Program

YLA/SNDP Eagle Program

(Program Fee: $875.00)
Uniform Cost: $75
Promotes next level leadership training. Students will go through the above training programs for the 2nd time, in an elevated rank, helping the “new applicants” accomplish their goals and graduate successfully.

Your Gift Will Help Build America’s Future Leaders.

Make a Difference in the Life of a Southern Nevada Teen!
You can make a difference in a Teens Life today.
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