Meet more of our Executive Team, Sam and Svetlana!

Meet more of our Executive Team, Sam and Svetlana!

Meet Svetlana Carter

Svetlana Carter

Svetlana is our Treasurer and has has been with YLA for three years.

I have known the Executive Director of Youth Leadership Authority (YLA), Marie Tomao, since 2011, and I have had the pleasure of witnessing her passion for helping youth. I watched YLA grow and develop over the years and was honored to join the Board in 2019. Having two teenage kids myself, I see the struggles they go through. YLA helps youth gain confidence and purpose, and facilitates the development of morals and values that will benefit them throughout their entire lives. They are taught skills that they might not get at school or at home. I have seen firsthand the personal and physical growth of teenagers who have gone through the YLA programs, and it keeps me motivated to continue volunteering with YLA and support its mission! 

Thank you,

Meet Sam Miklosko

Sam 1

Sam is a the Sergeant Major of YLA! He is a Marine, Warehouse Manager, and has been with YLA for four years.

Why Youth Leadership Authority?
God, Country & Esprit de Corps!

As a Marine I learned the value of hard work, strength through tough times, and commitment to mission and team. Through this experience I met a wide array of personalities from all around the world. Despite the diverse background of all of those who I met, we shared a desire to give back to a nation that has given so much to us and to protect her interests. Today’s teens need options, and they want more. They want to be leaders; they hunger for a sense of belonging; and they desire to challenge themselves in safe environments. We at YLA provide this!

Personally, YLA has given my daughter, nephew, and son each an experience that has pulled the best of who they are out of them for the rest of the world to see. What’s more, we have a special connection rooted in respect for one another’s accomplishments. How special is that?

Something else happens through YLA – teens learn more about God & Country. To many this means different things, but at its core it is a belief in a higher power and the Constitution of the United States. Where are your kids learning about these two topics? YLA has evolved over the years and its mission is just as important as ever. Growth through challenge, and respect and kindness are just the beginning. Where we go from here, only God knows! But we have faith that it will be some place amazing. 

Thank you,
Sam Miklosko

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