From Southern Nevada Devil Pup to 2nd Lieutenant Officer in The United States Marine Corps!

Southern Nevada Devil Pup - 2nd Lieutenant Alex Wilson

Congratulations, 2nd Lieutenant, Alex Wilson!

Lieutenant Wilson was a Southern Nevada Devil Pup in 2014, Encampment Eagle in 2015 and Graduate of all of our leadership programs!!

Now, he was sworn-in, as an OFFICER with The United States Marine Corps! RAH!

We are extremely proud to see you use many of the leadership traits we teach, your leadership is outstanding ALEX!

You have SOARED BEYOND and now have been commissioned as an Officer, as well as graduating from Arizona State University with a degree in Engineering Management!

*Note- It speaks volumes to see the Esprit de’ Corps
that was created during 2014 with the other graduates in our program, is still holding strong as they were there to congratulate you on this honor.

We are so proud of all the leaders in these pictures as every single one of them is serving in the military and our great country!

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