Devil Pups 6-Day Encampment is on for THIS SUMMER!

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Find details and information below!

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We are excited to announce that there will be a Devil Pups Encampment this summer!

Since 1954, Devil Pups Inc. has brought thousands of young men and women to take part in this Good Citizen-Physical Development Program. 

Because of the unforeseen challenges of COVID-19, in 2020, the Devil Pups Encampment came to a pause. However, this summer we are enthralled to announce that the Encampment will take place at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base! 

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Compared to the previous years, this year’s encampment will look different due to some of the challenges that COVID-19 has brought about to our communities. However, that will not stop the incredible opportunities and experiences that teens will gain through this program. 

There will be two, six-day, Encampments that will take place on 
12 July – 17 July (males) & 19 July – 24 July (males and females)

Within each Encampment there will be 50 Pups, making a total of 100 available slots this year. Generally, we have about 600 teens graduate Devil Pups, but with COVID-19 hindrances, we must limit that number to 100 overall. 

The Devil Pups Encampment will still have these incredible, life-changing, experiences that teens will cherish forever: 
25ft Tower Jump
Sleeping in the Barracks
Eating at the Mess Hall
Lectures from Motivational Speakers and Guests
The USS Midway Trip
Climbing Up Ole Smokey 
The Coin Ceremony on Ole Smokey

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This means that Southern Nevada Devil Pups will be able to continue the work that we’ve been doing for the past 18 years! 

Our 8-Week Physical Training Leadership Program tied into our Community Service will continue to take place through mid-July. Any teen who is interested attending the Devil Pups Encampment must complete these prerequisite programs. 

Southern Nevada will only be sending qualified applicants this summer. All applicants must pass the PFT, complete community service hours, and be medically qualified (no asthma). In addition, we will be giving 16-17 year-olds top priority when sending our teens to camp. This does NOT mean that we are eliminating younger applicants. We want to ensure that the older teens are given the opportunity to experience the Devil Pups Encampment before they age out. 

Is your son or daughter interested in this program? Do they fit the age and medical qualifications?

If so, email or call 702-285-4142 as soon as possible to get involved! Teens will have to compete for a coveted spot at the Devil Pups Encampment! Call or email today! 

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