Check Out Our New Website and 2021 Board Retreat

Check Out Our New Website and 2021 Board Retreat

Our YLA Board Retreat was a Success

board retreat

Thank you Green Valley Ranch!
A huge Shout-Out to Chris, Jeremy, Kara, Kat, and Kimo!

This past weekend, the YLA Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and Committee came together for one mission – to help kids because they matter.

Our dynamic and inspirational leadership team joined together to refine our current programs and develop additional vital programs for teens, families, and educators based on the needs in our community. As a Board we established Our Why as a whole!

We believe every kid is a starfish that deserves an opportunity to learn, grow, be happy, and succeed. We believe that kids need us now more than ever. Teens are suffering through unchartered territory. They need guidance. Kids want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. And most adults do, too. We feel an incredible urgency to fight for our kids. 

YLA is a counterculture program that puts emphasis on Honesty, Respect, Peace, Kindness, and Humility (HRPKH). We believe in God, patriotism, and hard work.

We believe it is our duty, honor and responsibility to serve teens and our community. We are a solutions-based nonprofit that stops teens from becoming at-risk. We have a history of successful youth programs that instill confidence, encourage manners, and strengthen families. 

We are excited to be able to continue to offer a variety of youth leadership programs to you and your family!

Youth Leadership Authority has a new website!

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Meet our Web Developers!

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We owe a huge shout-out to Maria Bailey and Kristian at Success City Online! They created a beautiful and exciting new website for us filled with our programs, events, history, donor spotlights, and testimonies from our kids, families and volunteers! They did an excellent job of wrapping 17 years of information into a concise package. 

Thank you Success City Online! We appreciate you more than you know! 

Meet Success City Online

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You get a dedicated team at your service for all your web needs!

Before we met at the grand opening of the YLA office on Water Street, I had heard from so many folks about the great work that YLA Executive Director Marie Tomao and her team were doing. Conversations always began with, “You have to meet Marie!” 

Once you have met Marie, I can attest that you are changed forever. Thanks to the marvelous leadership programs that YLA offers, countless youths learn the principles that will guide them through life. These teachings help them become the future leaders our country so desperately needs. It is an honor to be in the position to help Marie and the team tell the YLA story the way it deserves to be told. 

Success City Online is a digital marketing company specializing in websites, social media, and PPC advertising. Our job is to help businesses and organizations get their message out to the people who need them. Marie’s lifelong dedication to developing future leaders is a story that does need to be told. The lives of so many teens have wonderfully been transformed.

The Success City Online Team

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