20th Memorial Weekend of Community Service Recap

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Check out highlights and phots from this weekend below!

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On Saturday, May 29, 2021, the YLA/SNDP team, along with several other community members, laid over 30,000 flags at the Boulder City Veterans Memorial Cemetery to honor the brave men and women who have given their lives to protect our great nation. 

Memorial Day is not about the barbeques and the long, 3-day weekend. It is about honoring and remembering our country’s fallen heroes. On Memorial Day we honor the memory of service members who have sacrificed to protect the freedoms and liberties we enjoy today.

Thank you to all who came out to pay their respects.

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The second event of the weekend included a ceremony outside the Chapel at the Boulder City Veterans Memorial Cemetery. It was a beautiful ceremony, honoring our fallen heroes. 
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Special shout-out to Mayor of Henderson Debra March, one of our biggest supporters, for taking time out of her day to come see and congratulate the YLA/SNDP team on all of their hard work! 
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The YLA/SNDP team also had the opportunity of meeting several of our great community leaders including: Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, Senator Rosen, Representative Susie Lee, and Mayor McManus!
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The YLA/SNDP team with Senator Catherine Cortez Masto
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The YLA/SNDP team with Representative Susie Lee
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The YLA/SNDP team with Mayor McManus
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To follow our first task of laying down a flag at each of our fallen hero’s headstone, we also retrieved all 30,000 flags, rolled them, and prepared them for next year’s event. 

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A HUGE shout-out to Full Throttle Law, Dillion Price, Mark & Tina Schick, Shannon Venturo, and all parents for helping and supplying nourishments for our bodies on this hot day!

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Thank you to all the Pups, Eagles, Instructors and Volunteers who came out to help us achieve our mission with honor!

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Thank you to Sam Miklosko and Mark Schick for working so tirelessly while retrieving flags for us to roll! You ROCK!

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